Sarah Beth McLaughlin
Owner & Designer

I have been sewing since the age of 5 when I wanted to make more clothes for my Barbie’s and Cabbage Patch Kids.  I quickly learned all that I could from my mom and grandmas and taking classes in grade school.  I then went on to Purdue University where I studied Apparel Design and Technology and graduated in December of 2001.  This taught me to make my own patterns and all the other essentials like fashion sketching and CAD.


I can now design and make anything from day wear to formal wear; however my passion is for the fancier clothing.  I really enjoyed making my own wedding gown and my best friend’s wedding gown!  I feel that what really got me excited about formals is when I was able to help out a great friend and make her senior prom dress and she was ecstatic!  It thrills me when I get to see the joy in my clients when wearing my designs!


My logo is the Mandarin Chinese symbol “Mei” which translates to “Beauty.”  The reason I chose this for my logo is because I want everyone that wears my designs to feel beautiful about themselves!  Also, I feel that the ornate character of the symbol resembles my work very well.

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